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Makeover of the Week!

Our beauty this week came in and said I NEED A CHANGE! And a change is what she received!


Kyra had been wearing her hair natural and LONG. As full and gorgeous as this head of hair is, it just became unmanageable for her. So she booked a consultation with me and the rest is history!


The Haircut:

Kyra's appointment consisted of hair color, blowout, and a haircut! But, first hings first.... Haircut! I choose to do the base cut first because there was no need in coloring hair that was about to be cut in the first place! I also wanted to ensure that color placement was precise because the haircut and color have to be in sync in order for it to all flow. A beautiful long bob with face framing & long layers was the perfect haircut for her to manage her new style!

Color Formula

Kyra had absolutely NO PREVIOUS COLOR! And with THIS much hair, I was very surprised, yet so pleased! A COLOR VIRGIN!!!

I decided to create 2 base color pallets throughout her hair. Instead of doing a traditional base color and highlight, we choose to accentuate one side with a lighter color and one side dark. If she chose to change her parting, the darker color would be the more prominent tone.

So of course with her hair being ethnic & extremely dark, 9/17 from Wella Koleston Perfect did not lift as light as the swatch suggested that it would. I have used this color numerous of times, so I knew what to expect. Her dark base was Wella Koleston Perfect 6/2 ( MY ALL TIME FAV! It creates the ultimate chocolate without too much warmth) I did heavy back to back foils with 9/17 only because I did throw a few pieces of 6/2 throughout the lighter (maybe 4 slices) just to break it up and I left her root dark using 6/2 as well to make the "grow out" process easier. The darker side was applied root to end as any base color would be applied. No foils....

9/17 40 vol....6/2 30 vol......w/ heat for 30 minutes. Cool for 5 minutes before shampooing and conditioning.



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