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Let's Go Blonde!

Even in the Fall/ Winter season, there are ways to pull off a GREAT BLONDE! Making sure you add variations of blondes is the key! We NEVER want to go one sided, meaning.... SAY NO TO ONE TONE BLONDES!

What's the Before?

My client Adrienne came in with previously colored, natural (non relaxed) hair. At one point, she was a TRUE, bright red head, that she eventually cut and covered with a darker color. This meant, in order for her to go blonde, her color service with me, is now considered a CORRECTIVE COLOR! Because this is so much of a process, this is going to take more time, more product, which in turn for the client, means more $$$$. Even though her hair is short, it still took us almost 5 hours to get her where she wanted to be SAFELY!

Let's Talk STEPS!

First thing we needed to do was REMOVE the previous color. I do this with a product called 30 minute bleach. This product can be used on or off the scalp. Because she wanted to keep her sides and root darker, I chose to foil her length to create the "rooted" look she wanted. This could absolutely be done without foiling, BUT, when you foil, you guarantee a more even lift and are able to place the client under heat (if needed) without the fear of the bleach expanding and "bleeding" on to unwanted parts of the hair. Basically, you have more control.

One Step Closer & Half Way There!

NOW.... Here is the trick! A few stylist bleach their clients, use "yellow out" shampoos, and leave it! YOU WILL NEVER GET A ONE STEP, BLEACH, NO TONE, color service from me! EVER!! This is also the reason why my corrective color services cost a little more. You are basically receiving two color services in one sitting. At this point of her appointment, Adrienne has already been in the salon 2 hours and we are STILL not done.

Some people would be "OK" with this as the final color result, but NOT ME!

As I said in the beginning, we want variations of blondes in Adrienne's hair! I achieved this by using Wella Koleston Perfect in 4 different shades. After lifting her hair, although we used a yellow out shampoo, there still may be some warmer blondes that we don't want. But thats ok!! Step 2 will get rid of all of that! I like using a permanent color to tone versus a semi/demi toner, because it decreases the chances of fading/wash out GREATLY .The great thing about Wella is you are able to mix their permanent color line with their demi (deposit only) developer. What this does is give you way more depth and deposit without the compromise of an ammonia filled developer.

20 minutes of (medium heat) processing later, we are ready to "Seal The Deal!" Once we have rinsed out Step 2, we want to reinforce the moisture back into her hair. Once again, I turned to Celeb Luxury Moisture Wash and Blonditioner system! This system is absolutely amazing! It is made specifically for high lift blondes so it has EVERYTHING we needed to nourish her hair and seal the cuticle! 2 pumps of their leave in smoothing styler ensures a sleek, moisturized finish.

Now that the hard part is done, we are 4.5 hours into our service and it is FINALLY time to style! Adrienne was molded and placed under the dryer for 45 minutes. We finished her drying time with a Denman Paddle Brush to sleek out her natural curls and used 3 different size flat irons to finish her look! All of my irons are made by Babyliss Pro (Nano Titanium Editions). I then used TIGI Bed Head Wax Stick to create a more textured look and set her with Design Essentials FORM Holding Spray.


NOW Y'ALL KNOW, we were SUPER excited with the final outcome of her hair!!! She is such a fun client and has never been afraid to drastically change her hair! Even with me using 4 different tones of blonde, they all blend so well, and her hair is STILL healthy!

What is this going to cost me?

Well, that depends on a few factors. Everything I do is on an a la' carte' bases. In Adrienne's case, Color Removal: $75

Base Color: $75

Hair Cut: $35

Styling (Natural Hair): $65

Adrienne's Total Investment: $250

$250 is typically the price for a full color service with me. It is rare, but still possible, that it can end up being more, but unlikely. When done correctly, a color service can be time consuming and become a true investment. But OH SO WORTH IT once it is done! Because she kept a darker root, this is not a high maintenance color service. We will do a gloss to maintain blend and the shine, steam treatments to maintain the integrity and health of her hair, but overall, she will NOT have to go through this process again unless she decides to totally change her look or go lighter.

All in all, transformations are my absolute favorite services to execute in the salon! They always give my clients a sense of newness that exudes CONFIDENCE! A new look will do that you know!?

Are you ready for your new look? Be on the look out for my return to the salon in 2018 and get ready to book your NEW TRANSFORMATION!

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