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E'tae Natural Hair Products Blowout!

Our makeover of the week features a blowout on natural hair using E'tae Natural Hair Products!!! The last few years have been FILLED with more women choosing to ditch chemical services, (i.e.Relaxers), and learn to maintain their natural curl patterns.

80% of my clientele feature women with natural hair. BUT, I call them my "Blow out" naturals. This means they don't necessarily wear protective natural hair styles such as twist outs, etc, but consistently blow out their natural curls and flat iron/ curl. MANY, naturals are afraid to do this out of fear of loosing their curl pattern. Which is VERY possible when done with too much heat and/or using the wrong techniques and products to achieve a "silky" blowout.

About a year ago, I came across this company called "E'tae".

They are a natural hair product line that prides themselves on being for ALL hair types! Natural, relaxed, or transitioning, they are for you! They are also sulfate, paraben, silicone, and artificial fragrance FREE! After seeing the sponsored ads on facebook, I finally gave in, AND GOT THE ENTIRE LINE!

Carmelux Deep Penetrating Shampoo, Silk Protein Conditioner, Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment, and the Nutrient Scalp Replinesher.

The Carmel Deep Treatment is their best seller and after using it on my daughter, I now know why!

My daughter Makayla is a typical 10 year old. Shes very active, in dance class 5 days a week, and could care LESS about the health of her hair! Because of dance, it spends 90% of its time in that GOD AWFUL PONYTAIL!!!

During her "appointment" i realized with all the sweat, her scalp was beginning to dry out, which led to her hair becoming very dry, so this was the perfect time to use this line on her hair!


The Process

MaKayla's hair had been in a bun for 2 weeks and was due for a trim. We normally shampoo twice, sometimes 3, apply conditioner, comb through and place under the dryer, right?

E'tae suggest differently. Their Carmel Treatment goes first, and TRUST ME when I say, I see why! It is filled with honey and molasses, so it is extremely heavy and thick, so you would DEFINITELY want to shampoo out and not just rinse.

I went against instruction and did a clarifying shampoo first, ONLY because I'm anal and couldn't help doing a shampoo before lol.

* Apply the Silk Protein Conditioner

* Apply a generous amount of the Carmel Deep Treatment (because its so sticky, you may want to wear gloves during this process)

* I combed through at this point to make sure I had full coverage, then applied the processing cap.

Now out of habit, we apply heat right? E'tae suggests NO HEAT and to allow your client to sit at room temperature. Most clients feel it's "not working" if they are not under heat, but I can assure you once they see and feel that molasses and honey on their hair, heat is the LAST thing that needs to be applied!

* Rinse WELL & shampoo with the Carmel Shampoo. I did this 3 times just to ensure all of the treatment was removed.

* Condition with the Silk protein conditioner and comb through to ensure saturation and detangle.

* Before I detangled, I sprayed her scalp with the Scalp Replinesher. This was done to reduce dryness, flakiness and to help restore the scalps PH.

* Once i was done detangling her hair, I rinsed with cool water to ensure a closed cuticle and this also helps promote shine.

The Blowout!

These 2 are BY FAR my absolute favorite "Go To" tools for my blow outs. This dryer by Babyliss Pro is a 2000 watt dryer that allows me to get any natural head of hair completely blown out in less than 15 minutes with NO HEAT DAMAGE! My biggest tip to stylist with their dryers.......USE THE NOZZLE!! It tremendously helps direct the flow of the heat as well as controls the cuticle by keeping it flat, which reduces frizz! Your nozzle is your best friend!

MY DENMAN!!!! Never have I used a brush that gives so much structure and tension to any texture of hair and not break down and melt! This brush is my "Go To" paddle brush because I can cover bigger sections of hair and not loose control of my sections. It creates the smoothest finish and does all the work for me. Meaning, less passes with the flat iron, which eliminates heat damage and promotes healthy curls once the client is ready to revert back to her natural state.

Below is the picture of her hair after being blown out using this dryer and paddle brush.


All in all, a normal shampoo and blowout on my natural clients, is 45 minutes to an hour. This particular service, E'tae Carmelux treatment and style, will take aprox 1.5- 2 hours. I think its safe to say, she LOVED it!

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